Family Holidays in Summer

Children & Family

Mountaineers & Builders

Adventure and relaxation for young and old - that is what we combine and offer in our hotel.
We share with you the best tips for easy walks or strenuous hikes, the most exciting excursion or where to lay back and relax.

Be assured - we find something to your taste!

Here are some summer tips from your junior hosts. Our children Emma and Martin know the area very well and what brings the most fun for them.

You shouldn't miss that

In the area around the Hochalm

  • The Raptor show - the snow owl is their absolute favourite
  • The Tilly hiking path down from the Hochalm (much more fun than up ;))
  • Jumping in the Speicher pond at the Hochalm (it has to be really warm though)

At the Seidlwinklache

  • Building (small) dams at the Seidlwinklache - there are many places with low water and creeks to practice your building skills
  • Picnic and playing at one of the alms (mountain guesthouses) - especially the Palfner- and the Gollehealm have great play areas
  • Fishing at the Weixen - their home made ice cream is super good too

In the area at the Talschluss Kolm Saigurn

  • Panning for gold - directly in the mountain creek behind the Bodenhaus
  • Hiking up a mountain peak - the Bockkarscharte is our favourite
  • The Rauriser source and the Forest Secret - in late summer you find there also some mushrooms

Close to the hotel

  • The water playground - always fun and they have the best ice cream
  • Minigolf - also accessible in the evening for some after dinner fun
  • A bike ride to Worth to the museum “Kings of the sky”, dedicated to mountain birds