Make your way through the snow: on snowshoes!

A wintry, white landscape, snow covered slopes and hill sides and the romantic Rauris Valley in Austria: if that isn’t an intriguing thought for snowshoeing in Rauris?

Snowshoeing or snowshoe hiking in Rauris is one of the oldest ways to find your way through the snow. Thousands of years ago people marched through the snow on snowshoes to reach far off mountain chalets or to hunt for deer in the surroundings. Today snowshoeing in Rauris is a popular leisure activity and trend sport with the benefit that everyone can do it right away. The large snowshoe will stop you from sinking into the snow, without any effort you can make quite a distance in the Rauris Valley in Salzburg.

Snowshoeing in Rauris – fasten shoes and go!

Snowshoe hiking fans are greeted by un-spoilt powdery snow in a refreshingly beautiful natural scenery. Far off from the ski pistes you can enjoy the quiet of the mountains and the feeling of freedom in a different light. Snowshoeing in Salzburg and Rauris is an ideal exercise for any age group and any condition level.

Snowshoeing in Rauris sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Find out more and contact the Rauriserhof team via the online enquiry form to reserve a room or to book your next winter holiday at the four star Rauris hotel. The Rauriserhof team gladly answers all your questions beforehand.