Literary summit in the National Park Hohe Tauern in Austria

The literature days of Rauris are amongst the oldest and most traditional literature events in Austria. Once a year well known writers and literates, as well up and coming new comers, come together in Rauris in the province of Salzburg.

Since 1970 every year famous literates return to the alpine village of Rauris to read from their books. Ilse Aichinger and Thomas Bernhard were amongst the first to come to Rauris and read from their creations. Many colleagues of the writing craft since then return to Rauris every year during the Literature days of Rauris.

Almost 300 authors from around the world have read in Rauris, discussed literature and made new friends. The Rauris Literature Price has kick started the career of many a new talented author. The Rauris Literature Price is amongst the most important literature awards in the German speaking regions.

Literature Days of Rauris: words pave the road into the world

The idyllic alpine village of Rauris in Salzburg is characterized especially for its cosmopolitan open mindedness. The gold brought many different people from many different regions into the small alpine village. Merchants came through the Rauris Valley with their valuable goods and valuable goods still arrive in Rauris to this day: the words of great poets and thinkers.

Highly reputable authors of the 21st century sit together with mountain farmers, professors, skiing instructors and Rauris guests around a table and discuss literature, the world and life. Great lyric, captivating novels and the fairytale mountainscape add to the unique atmosphere of the Literature Days of Rauris in Austria. Be part of this truly unique event and experience how nature and language blend into an aesthetic symbiosis.

To book a room at the 4-star hotel Rauriserhof in Salzburg, which is home to many authors during the Literature Days of Rauris best send an online enquiry to the team at Hotel Rauriserhof now. H.C. Artman, Bodo Hell and Robert Menasse have already stayed at the premises of Rauriserhof. Use the online enquiry form for a literature inspired holiday in the Rauris Valley of Austria.