Regenerating, activating or relaxing - Calendula, Arnica and company are real all-rounders! Correctly chosen and applied they express all their power.

We work in our massages with the high class “Alpienne - Power of the Alps” product line. Let yourself be spoiled with a soothing treatment and choose from our program.

Secure your preferred time slot already before your arrival. We are happy to reserve your massage- and beauty appointments. Call us at +43-6544-6213 or per email We look forward to reserving a small break for you.


Back massage
Loosens muscle tensions and creates a pleasant feeling of relaxation.
Duration: 25 minutes / 35 €

A “Matter of the head”
Great for all “Kopfmenschen” (cerebral people) to let go and set free. Head - & neck massage.
Duration: 25 minutes / 35 €

Leg - & foot massage
No chance for sore muscles. Give your feet and legs some recovery treatment.
Duration: 25 minutes / 35 €

Rauriserhof “Darling”
A combination of back massage and a “Matter of the head”.
Duration: 50 minutes / 65 €

Full body massage - “Soft” or “Sport Vital”
Has a relaxing effect, loosens superficial and deep muscle tensions. The pressure is adapted to your preference.
Duration: 50 minutes / 65 €

Alpin Aroma oil massage
100% natural organic essential oils take you to the realm of scents. Choose your favourite fragrance from our offer.
Duration: 25 minutes / 38 €
Duration: 50 minutes / 69 €


Foot reflex zone massage
A in depth discussion is completed with a palping examination of your foot to define and execute the correct treatment. Recreates harmony in the body, helps with inner organ problems, mood swings and problems as with chronic body pains.
Duration: 50 minutes / 65 €

Connective tissue (Cellulitis) massage after Haefelin
Regions are defined with a palping examination. Rebalances the different fascia in the whole body, harmonizing effect on organs, hormon household and mood.
Duration: 50 minutes / 72 €

Lymphatic drainage after Dr. Vodder
Drainage of congested tissue water that appears, mostly painless, as puffiness and swelling under eyes, at arms or legs. When applied to the stomach, it is helpful to normalize digestion.
Duration: 25 minutes / 35 € - 1 region
Duration: 50 minutes / 65 € - 2 regions

Alpine herbal stamp massage
A refreshing arnica foot treatment to start - followed by the soothing warmth of the applied herbal stamps. Rounded up with the wonderful scent of mountain herbs and the effect of the natural essential oils.
Duration: 50 minutes / 69 €

Peeling massage
Soft full body cleansing and massage. Pleasure for the skin. Choose from different peelings and enjoy this very special care.
Duration: 50 minutes / 72 €