Raptor Show


The Rauriser valley in the Hohe Tauern National Park is the ideal home for many of the imposing raptors of the Alps. Besides the 60 to 80 griffon vultures that spend the summer in the valley, there is also one golden eagle in the valley. With its impressive size of 90cm it is easy to recognize when it sails in the sky above you.

But the secret star between our raptors is probably the bearded vulture. This mighty bird was almost extinct in the Alps. But a vaste WWF project was successful and the vultures are back again in their alpine habitat. The Rauriser Kruml valley played a decisive role in this project. One bearded vulture couple found its permanent home in the valley and since then the couple has had several chicks that live now in the area. “Kruml1” was the first bearded vulture chick born in the wild and it was born here, in the Rauriser valley!

On our guided summer hikes you have the chance to find out more about these giants of the sky. We take you to the Kruml valley and you can see where the birds live, nest and hunt. This is one of the highlights of our weekly programm.

In addition we recommend a visit to the museum “Kings of the sky” in Woerth. Here you can learn more about raptors. Many surprising facts wait there for you to be discovered - or did you know that bearded vultures put makeup on?


As a guest in the Rauriserhof you enjoy the advantages of the National Park Summer Card Mobile which is included in all our hotel summer prices. Your entrance to the raptor show at the Hochalm is included in this card. It is easy to plan a great day trip in the area. Before or after the show we recommend to go on one of the casual walks around the Hochalm. If you are more ambitious and have enough time you can also hike all the way up to the peak.

Our hiking guides and our hotel staff are happy to give you more information about the hikes in the area. The raptor show is ideal for the whole family and not only children are amazed by it. For young and old is a very special experience to be so close to these impressive animals.

To find out more about your day in the area around the Hochalm - Heimalm, the raptor show and gold panning check also the information of the National Park Summer Card Mobile.